The Peanut Code

The rules as of 1) The name of a WB cartoon character is required to be in this club. Roll call will be taken once a month, at which you must sign in or take the risk of losing your name. New members must sign up under Join Here and be accepted by a leader before proceeding to other notes.

2) You may not use the name of a character that's already in use by another member. Variations are allowed under certain circumstances, but must be cleared with a leader before being used.

3) Official positions may only be given by the SROTW or the VSROTW. However, you must be aware of the rules upon assuming a position.

4) Official position holders mustn't slack off or take your job too seriously. Doing so may cause the loss of your position.

5) All members can have a maximum of 3 positions or titles.

6) You must be in the club for a period of at least 2 months before you can have a position.

7) In the absence of the SROTW and the VSROTW, the ATTSROTW and ATTVSROTW are in charge.

8) Offending other members of the club may result in you being kicked out of the club.

9) No one may propose to take over the club!!! This applies to all members except the SROTW.

10) Role-playing must be kept to a minimum and not get out of hand.

11) Only the leaders can have offices.

WARNING: Calling Dot Dottie or Babs Barbara Anne may cause you to be hurt by an anvil or have dynamite stuffed down your pants.

See sub WBC Cast Members for the names of the leaders, which are the SROTW, VSROTW, ATTSROTW, and ATTVSROTW.

That's all, folks! If you are a member of the WBC, and you would like to make any suggestions for rules in The Peanut Code, have any problems, or need further explanation of the rules, please e-mail either Dot (me), Babs, Plucky, or Sylvester. Thanks!

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