The Cast Members List

The Cast Members' List as of 12/8/95:

Dot: Eileen, rked74b: Supreme Ruler of the World, Authority on Animaniacs

Babs/Sylvester, Jr: Linda, fgbh76c, Vice Supreme Ruler of the World, Impressionist Extraordinaire

Plucky: Colin, hewu64d: Asst. to the Supreme Ruler of the World, Authority on Tiny Toons

Sylvester: Brian S., twyf37a: Asst. to the Vice Supreme Ruler of the World, Special Friend

Wakkoroti: Daniel, kpze70b: Treasurer

Bugs: Brian C., kgxa66b: Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies Authority

Rita: Joly Ann, guhr88d

Fifi: Diana, bdbf72c: Club Recruiter

Buster: Chris, ftbm75c: Official Welcoming Committee

Didgeri Dingo: George, snmg86b: Scavenger Extraordinaire

Wendal: Karl, kwbr53b

Calamity: Justin, gjwe32d

Marvin: Katie, fqab99b

Sneezer: Septimiu/ K.C., dgzd13a

Pinky: Chris C., ljza60a

Yakko: Carlos, zakg47a

Mary Melody: Suzanne, tkbv53f

If you are a member of the WBC, and you would like to makes any changes to your name, club name, ID, etc., or I've made any mistakes, please e-mail me. Thanks!

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