Reindeer Roundup

  Hey Everyone!! Prancer here... (but not for long!)

Us reindeer went a little stir crazy being cooped up in our pens for such a long time that we just had to escape!! But Where are we??? That's your job!! We're here in Toon Zone... somewhere, having lots of fun and causing all sorts of trouble!! Now... if Santa Toon wants us back in time to deliver presents on Christmas eve, he's gonna have to catch us... but he can't take time away from toy manufacturing... What's a jolly ol' toon to do?? It's up to you to find as and let Santa Toon know where we are!!

Apparently some sneaky little elves saw what we were doing and got mug shots of us... not that it matters, you'll never find us in time! However, if you wanna see what what we look like and what we're doing, click here.


A Holiday Event
Basic Rules

1) Surf Toonzone and find the pictures of the delinquint Reindeer.
2) Write down the address of the site where you found the reindeer.
3) Submit answers to Santa Toon by December 24
(after all, he needs the reindeer to guide his sleigh that night)

You will receive 1 point for every reindeer captured. These points will, of course be added on to your overall Contest Total. Read more about these points at the Rules page!

  Questions? Comments? Complaints? Feel free to E-mail Santa Toon with all your inquiries!