The WBC Secret Santa!

Hi Everyone!! 

It's me, Dancer!! Santa Toon asked that I pass this fun holiday event off to you guys! It's the annual WBC Virtual Secret Santa! On December 24, while Santa, myself, and my reindeer brothers and sisters are out delivering presents to kids around the world, we'll stop along to deliver special present to you guys, too!!  How does it work? Read on and find out!

It all starts now! Because we don't want people participating in this fun filled event against their will, I am going to ask that anyone who wishes to be included in the festivities sign up! How does one sign up? Why it's simple! Just e-mail Santa at He'll pass everything along to me. Because we want everyone to have the same amount of time to "shop" for their presents, I must ask that all those who wish to participate sign up by December 1. You will recieve your Secret Santa on December 2.

Now comes the fun part! Once I have sent you your secret santa, it's time to go shopping!! No... you don't need to hop in the car and run to Walmart or the mall, all you need to do is "Surf" the internet and find a picture of that gift you are giving to that person who's name you've been given. Remember to have fun with this part! I ask that you submit all gifts to me by Dec. 22 so that I have plenty of time to prepare your present for it's recipient!

I'll have Santa Toon stop by the WBC BB from time to time to keep everyone updated so no one forgets anything. Remember, the most important part of this activity is to have fun! 

Also look for my reindeer brothers and sisters as they host lots of other fun events for one and all this Holiday Season!

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday!


A Holiday Event
Dates to Remember:

Secret Santa Sign Ups by December 1
Gift/Message Submission to ME by December 22

  Questions? Comments? Complaints? Feel free to E-mail Santa Toon with all your inquiries!