Santa Toon's Workshop


Hello Everyone!

I'm Santa Toon, and I'm so glad you've found your way to my Workshop. Here is where all my elves keep busy preparing us for the Holiday season that is approaching. After talking with those wonderful people at Toon Zone, I decided to open up my Workshop for them. Feel free to take a look around. My whole workshop is open for you to explore!

This year, while I'm busy overseeing things in the workshop, my Reindeer will be entertaining you all! They will be sponsoring lots of fun Reindeer Games at Toon Zone this holiday season! Make sure you watch for me to announce them. 

I'll be making special appearances from time to time on the message board! I'll be spreading lots of holiday cheer! Make sure to keep your eyes here on my page. You never know when I will be adding fun new events for all to enjoy.

Have a Safe and Wonderful Holiday Season!

Santa Toon

A Holiday Event
Reindeer Games!

Before playing any reindeer games, you might wanna read up on the rules and learn how you could win some really great prizes for your participation!!

WBC Virtual Secret Santa  

Reindeer Roundup
A WBC Christmas Story Holiday Word Find
The Twelve Days of a Toon Zone Christmas Present Mix Up
Holiday Trivia
  Questions? Comments? Complaints? Feel free to E-mail Santa Toon with all your inquiries!