Welcome to The Warner Bros. Club's Home Page! Do you like Warner Bros. Cartoons? Well, if you do, then the WBC's the place for you. The WBC has been around in one form or another for the last five years. Those who stick around the club tend to become good friends.
     So take a look around. We've got quite a few cool things going on here. There's a Chat Room, Bulletin Board, some games, Quizzes, and a bunch of newsletters that we archive here.
     So get started and above all else, have fun!

---The Toon Zone Crew


  • Another new JusSonic fanfic, "Clue: The Histeria! Parody"!


  • Two wacky new shorties from wacky old returning authors--Pietro's "Sleep-Happy Porky" and Batthing's "Larger Than Life Is Small in Our Eyes"--in the WBC Fanfic Archive!


  • How appropriate that the first new story in the WBC Fanfic Archive this new year is...a sequel! Check out "Evil Histeria II: The Histerians Strike Back"!


  • A belated Christmas gift, courtesy of the WBC Fanfic Page! A whole slew of brand-new stories, for you to unwrap and savor at your leisure! Among the goodies are: the long-delayed chainlink ouvre "The Once and Future Warners"; a previously-unreleased Brainatra epic already long regarded as a classic within the circle of WBC writers, "Brain of Two Worlds"; a wacky seasonal adventure, "A Very Wakko Thanksgiving"; Robert Dougherty's sequel to his acclaimed "Histeria Night Live"; and a story by a fan of our fanfics (what're the odds!), with his take on the "Warner Academy" continuum, "Chan's the Man." Happy holidays!


  • A brand-new trilogy of Histeria! stories by JusSonic, "Evil Histeria," is now available at the Fanfics Page!


  • Robert Dougherty, the WBC's resident Histeria! master, graces us with a story previously unseen outside the Encyclopedia Histeria Board: the third story in his "24" trilogy, "24 Days"! Check out the Fanfics Page!


  • Three new fanfics, for your imbibing and digestion! Check out JusSonic's "Histeria Wars I: The History Menace," courtesy of the Encyclopedia Histeria board; and two brand-new Batman stories--Michael Lane's wonderful "Reclamation," and Batthing's considerably lighter "Batman's Back All Right." Enjoy!


  • Greeting Fans,
    My name is Vince Benenati. For those who don't know me, I'm one of news reporters at Toon Zone News (TZN). I come here to inform you all with some great news. Currently, a whole new Warner Bros. Club (WBC) site is in the early development stages here at Toon Zone. It will look noticeably different than the previous WBC incarnations and feature a whole new staff. Don't fret though, Craig Marinaro will still be around posting your fan fictions. Without the help of Craig, the Warner Bros. Club would have ceased to exist long before. The new site will include original flash cartoons, online comics including the very popular Chip and Water, fan art and other great surprises. After everything is set up, WBC is going to pick the best fan art from the drawing board on a certain time basis and post it of the fan art section of the WBC Site. Readers of the WBC will also be able to vote on a few online flash cartoon pilots to decide which one becomes a full online short.

    The WBC board will become the board to post about the WBC site, what the like/don't like, suggestions, their favorite comics on WBC, characters, etc., whatever. Basically, becoming much more like the community it was before. You can still voice your opinion on the state of animation today, even more so. The same rules apply as before and I ask you all who haven't already, to read them over.

    The new WBC site has no confirmed launch date yet. Expect more information soon. Before then, check out a little teaser from the Talented Mr. Matt Wilson. Click here to view it. Macromedia Flash is required to view it.
  • On a sad note, one of the members of the new WBC site, Jonathan H. Gray, creator of Chip and Water, was in a bad car accident on Tuesday. Fortunately, he is okay and didn't get injured too badly. If you wish to send him any get-well letters, please send them jongraywb@hotmail.com.



  • Pokejedservo's "Toasty Horror Picture Show" is now available in The WBC Fanfic Archive! Audience participation is not only encouraged, it's mandatory! So pull together a group of friends to sit around with you shouting things at your computer screen! I shiver with antici..................................pation!


  • Look, folks! Now in The WBC Fanfic Archive--"La Dolce e Acida Vita," a brand-new story with an Italian title! And high-brow film references to boot! Starring the Goodfeathers! And written by Craig Marinaro! Combine all those things, and it's sure to be a crowd pleaser! Right?



  • This is Mojo Jojo addressing you utilizing my keyboarding expertise. I am here to inform you by way of letting you know that now available in the Fanfic Archive, for your reading rapture, which is to say, your gratification and jubilation, and general happy-making, are two incredibly new stories, which have never been seen before. These particular stories to which I allude in the previous sentence, that is, the grouping of words expressing a thought preceding this grouping which you are now reading with your eyes, happen to star those goodie-goodie Powerpuff Girls, who in both tales thoroughly quell and trounce my ingenious evil designs. Which is to say, they give me a serious hiney-whooping! RRRRR!

    However, the author of these particular stories, who consequently is the individual accountable for transcribing the words contained within the couple of narratives aforementioned, happens to be one Jennifer "Sharklady" Weston, does chance to provide me, Mojo Jojo, with some very amusing lines, which made Mojo Jojo, which is myself, laugh quite uproariously. So, scurry over and read the stories, and be entertained by them, as they have been written with that express purpose in mind. Do so, or you will suffer the wrath of...MOJO JOJO!


  • Hey, kiddies! It's Fanfic Archive update time again! Experience the full gamut of Robert Dougherty's talents as he takes you from the edge-of-your-seat suspense thriller "Loud's Histerical Wish" to the falling-off-your seat sketch-show farce "Histeria Night Live"! Experience the full gamut of the WBC Chain Link All-Stars' talents as they take you from the farcically satirical "Radio Free Warners" to the satirically farcical "Lethal Intellect"! Experience the full gamut of Pietro's talents as he takes you from the Foxy vehicle "Go West Young Fox!" to...er...well, that's it. Heck, he wrote a story starring Foxy! What more could you want?!


  • Prepare for parody, music, and unbridled zaniness, in yet another lackluster effort by ToonZone staffer Craig Marinaro! Now available for an unlimited time is the bold new "Animaniacs Analects," a compendium containing three never-before-seen short tales featuring some of your Animaniacs favorites! Gasp in utter shock as a glob of bean dip comes to life! Squeal in utter shock as reflections take on lives of their own! Tap your toes in utter shock as Christopher Walken sings! Click in utter shock on the link to The WBC Fanfic Archive!


  • Has it been a long week? Have you spent countless hours every day doing wearisome, brain-rotting work, only getting through it by preoccupying yourself with the delusion that you're actually doing something that will benefit someone somewhere, even though you know deep down that it's completely inconsequential? Did your spouse and / or significant other, the only person you ever really loved, the one person you thought you could share your deepest thoughts and dreams with, run off with that moronic little twerp who works at the corner pharmacy, and always insists that you can't get cough drops without a prescription? Have you suddenly realized that your entire life to this point has been totally devoid of purpose, and you may as well have just spent the last 15 years lying on a beach in the Bahamas, taking in the sun and sucking pink lemonade from a coconut? Did you accidentally eat that Jell-O that's been sitting at the back of the fridge since Thanksgiving?

    Well, don't despair! What better way to unwind from a trying week than by plopping down in front of a glowing screen, popping your favorite CD in the machine, and reading some naive, inconsequential fanfic? And what better place to do so than The Double-yew Bee See Fanfic Archive, where you can peruse such entertaining tales as: "Warner Academy 2," in which the A! crew must face Stewie Griffin from Family Guy, and his evil employer Rupert Murdoch, who use stock footage technology to turn the public at large against our favorite toons; and Brainatra's followup story, "Mr. Foley Goes to Washington," in which our hero tries to make his mark on American politics, with opposition from the corrupt Mike Harper, and his conniving partner in crime--you guessed it--Stewie Griffin! So pull up a chair and enjoy--the laugh's on us!


  • Have you ever wondered what would happen if Judge Doom was brought back from the dead, and all your favorite WB stars of the past and present had to team up with Roger and Jessica Rabbit and Eddie Valiant to prevent his truly vile machinations from coming to fruition? If you have, then Robert Dougherty's latest yarn, "Toons and Doom," is just what the doctor ordered! If you haven't...well, it's still a pretty cool story. C'mon, go read it! What are you waiting for?!

    Oh, right, the link! Silly me...The WBC Fanfic Archive. Enjoy!


  • Yes, he's back! When a robot with a bizarre penchant for flowers drives the WB Studio into bankruptcy, everyone's favorite cybernetic giant chicken is revived to defeat the metal miscreant and to find out who's behind this treacherous scheme! You can find out too, in Craig Marinaro's latest embarrassingly silly epic, "The Return of Roboo-Cop," now on sale at participating WBC Fanic Archives!


  • Friendships are tested! Romance blooms! Democracy is threatened! Songs are parodied! Big, spider-robots step on buildings and...and...and lots of other cool stuff, too! Robert's "Another 24 Hours" is up and running in the Fanfic Archive. Read it, or...uh...or else!

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