September 3, 2008 - So this is a new game from Conspiracy Entertainment, the makers of Ninjabread Man, my personal pick for best game of the next decade. Even though it came out THIS decade. But check this out! They knew not to mess with perfection, because Trixie in Toyland is exactly the same!

Seriously, man -- the levels are the same, the menu is the same, even the music is the same! I totally understand why, because Ninjabread Man was as close to perfect as this earthly plane would allow. There's no way they could have made it better; the limit has been found. So all they changed was the level maps and the character model, but by changing the ninja cookie thing to a girl in a bunny costume, they somehow made gaming perfection even BETTER!

No, you aren't looking at screens from the next Pixar movie. It's all real!

The controls are the most innovative I've ever experienced. You use the analog stick on the Wii Remote's nunchuk to move -- and you swing the same nunchuk upward every time you have to jump! The Remote itself does nothing except sit in your other hand. And since the odds are good you're going to put the Remote in you right hand if you're right-handed and vice-versa, you do everything in this game using your less dominant hand, which really provides an intense challenge.

The sounds are so soundy they blow your ears off. Trixie has this gnarly huge baby rattle she uses to hit and murder things that really sounds like one. When it went "swish" I could swear it was in the room with me.

The storyline is epic, I hear it was written by that same chick who wrote those Twilight novels.

Closing Comments
Dude, you gotta buy this! Trixie in Toyland is the next big hit, I swear. I can't wait until three months from now, when Conspiracy remakes this game again.

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